Crowdfund Foot Print Package

Crowdfunding Footprint Package

Let Funded BY Design put you on the road to crowdfunding success
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  1. You’re looking to raise money to start a business, fund a project or acquire a real estate deal but you don’t know where to start.
  2. You don’t have a funding plan let alone a professional & organized crowdfunding strategy that looks good & shows you as a trustworthy professional.
  3. You need a crowdfunding strategy that helps you take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media options to maximize your crowdfunding efforts. But you are busy and need a trusted source to set it up for you.  And, it needs to look good.

Funded BY Design Crowdfund Footprint Solution:

At Funded BY Design we help you take advantage of the latest technologies and social media sites to maximize your fund raising potential.

Our Crowdfund FootprintPackage builds your online personal crowdfunding presence and gives you the tailored strategy you need to maximize your crowdfunding efforts.

We will set you up with the foundation for success.

With the Crowdfund Footprint Package you get:

  1. crowdfunding consultation with one of our consultants via webinar to assess your funding goals, optimal online crowdfunding positioning, and priorities.
  2. Expert counseling to create a consistent crowd fund strategy tailored specifically for your goals.
  3. Set up of an organized online fund raising presence, including technical details, usernames, passwords, contact information, privacy settings, site linking, and visual branding.fundingspoke
  4. Creation of a crowdfund “hub” to be the heart of your overall fund raising strategy
  5. Creation of up to five funding “spokes” linked to your hub from a menu of options – including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, etc…
  6. Consistent deployment of copy and images across all networks.
  7. A copy of our “Top Secret” crowdfunding content strategy (a $39 value)
  8. A .PDF deliverable: our Crowdfund Footprint completion report details your new crowdfunding strategy and recommends future steps to maximize your capital raise.
  9. One-hour orientation with your online hub and spokes, including basic crowdfunding training.
  10. Complete ownership of all of the digital and social media accounts we create for you.

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CF_01ffFunded BY Design hub-and-spoke approach eliminates the stress associated with setting up multiple crowd funding channels. We help you create funding “hub” – and the “spokes” across the Internet to get your hub maximum exposure. So no matter where someone finds you online, they can learn about your project in a way that gives you an opportunity to capture a donation or investment.

Your hub is your online crowdfunding pitch page – creating a professional, positive presence for your online fund raising.

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We’ll work with you to decide which site is the optimal hub for your unique crowdfunding situation. Our system is not a cookie-cutter. We will coach you as you pick the best strategic decision to maximize your crowdfunding efforts – whether it is on a social media channel, crowdfunding portal or on your own crowdfunding page. We will help you make sure your crowdfund offering is looking great, and your spokes deliver a similar look and message.

We used to charge $5000 for this service but have modified our prices to aline our interests with yours. SO if you Succeed so do we!

Get the complete crowdfunding design package starting at $1495 plus success fee.

Get your crowdfund footprint working for you today!

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